2 Bags, 100 Lbs 

“Don’t worry about it,” they say. “No big deal! You can get stuff sent later,” they say. Now I understand that they have already gone through the packing process and lived to tell the tale but I certainly haven’t so for now I’m taking an unpleasant ride on the struggle bus.

Currenly, I find myself in the company of two bags that look like they barfed up clothing and natural hair products after a long night of drinking.  And yes, you read that right, my good friends – I am allowed a grand total two bags (50 pounds each) for two years. Right about now, I really wish that I was some kind of minimalist hipster that only needs a pair of skinny jeans, a few flannel shirts, a mason jar, and duct tape to feel good about their packing list. Or maybe I want to be a Bear Grylls type character who only needs a multi-tool and can MacGyver all other items in country. But, alas, these fantasies can never be because American Airlines just ain’t having it. Actually, more like American Airlines just ain’t having my extra $150 for a 3rd bag.

So I gave up on packing for today and left my room looking a hot mess because my heart began to splinter every time I decided to remove an item from my duffel bag. I’ll start again tomorrow when  A.) I have some compression bags and B.) I’ve cut the “woe is me I’m moving to Peru” melodrama.

In all seriousness, though, I’m so grateful to finally have this packing problem. It means the day I have waited well over a year for is only a week away. It’s still seems so unreal – just about as unreal packing 2 years worth of my crap in 2 bags…

Okay, I’ll stop now. Say a prayer to the packing gods for me.


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  1. 1. Don’t fold, roll.
    2. Peru isn’t the dark side of the moon, they have stuff there too.
    3. You’ll be fine.

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    1. bdwhite says:

      Haha thanks! I stopped packing for about 48 hours to recoup. I’m almost done now, thank goodness. Thanks for the encouragement!


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