Chosica Retreat

Hola todos! I arrived in Peru last Wednesday around 6PM and then traveled to a retreat center in a place called Chosica. It’s about a two hour drive outside of Lima and ironically the place was called Villa de Paz – go figure. By the time we got to the villa it was late but the awkwardness of new friendships and small talk (thank God) had subsided so we picked roommates for the next 3 nights and 2 days and knocked out.

When we arrived, it was pitch black outside so when we woke up the next morning and walked outside it was a surprise to see something so beautiful because, real talk, much of what I saw of Lima was muy feo. Don’t get me wrong though – it was feo in a charming, I’m experiencing all of this for the first time and I’m thoroughly enjoying this view kind of way – pero yo digress. What I saw when I walked out were huge beyond belief Andean foothills. Now, although these foothills were probably the most beautiful things in nature I have ever seen, these bad boys are dusty and crusty beyond belief. They literally look like they could crumble at any second – like they’re made out of an immeasurable amount compacted graham cracker crumbs. But who really cares when the mountains look like they can disintegrate any time with views like these:

IMG_4705    IMG_4714

We spent the next couple of days going over the basics like receiving our cell phones, getting 3 more immunizations (for flu, typhoid, and round 1 of rabies), finding out our training host families, and teambuilding. Being an introvert, I’m not usually one for teambuilding retreats but in this case I’m glad I got the chance to know some of the other 39 trainees before being thrown into my host family to fend for my abysmal Spanish speaking self. And ladies and gentlemen, to put the icing on the Villa de Paz cake, there was wifi and I could never ever ask for anything more than wifi. The end.

Hasta Luego!


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