Throwback Thursday: Ceramics, Funerary Masks, and Textiles

For those who know me, its no secret that I love history. As a PCV, I’ve hit the jackpot with a placement in Peru. There’s so many different cultural heritages to learn about and so many great archaeological sites to visit that would make any history buff want to cry. Not to mention, there is so much more to Peruvian history than just than the Incas and Machu Picchu. So in the spirit of sharing my love for history, I decided to do a series called Throwback Thursday where I highlight a specific part of Peruvian history on a Thursday of course. Enjoy – I hope ya’ll learn something new.

It’s been a minute since I did a Throwback Thursday so I wanted to make sure that I hit you guys with another one. And this time I wanted to highlight my trip to the Museo Larco and the Museo Nacional de Arqueología in Lima a few weeks back and much like my Ancash post, the best way to do that is through pictures of some of the most interesting pieces I saw.

The Larco Museum had a room full of jewelry – most of which was found in burials sites. The are earrings from the Moche culture which was centralized in Northern Peru around the modern day city of Trujillo in the La Libertad region.
The Larco Museum is famous for its large collection of pre-Columbian erotic ceramics. I had actually heard about it before even applying to Peace Corps on an episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel. Definitely an interesting part of the museum’s collection — and I’m sure we all can figure out what this is a representation of.
This right here my friends, is an Incan funerary mask accompanied by Incan funerary clothes.
This is a Chimu funerary offering. The Chimu are thought to be the descendants of the Moche culture in Northern Peru. This was probably my favorite piece because it just exudes regality . If you want to learn more about the Chimu culture and see other Chimu pieces featured in the Larco Museum check out this YouTube documentary!
This lovely piece can be found in the National Archaeology Museum and it is a textile from the Paracas culture from the modern day region of Ica. The Paracas culture is known for its beautiful textiles and knowledge of water irrigation (Ica being mostly desert)
Who remembers my first Throwback Thursday on the Tapada Limenas?  Here is a little miniature doll of one from the National Archaeology Museum!
And last but not least, I found a replica of Kuelap – the archaeological site in my home region of Amazonas. You can check out my blog post on Kuelap here.

And there you have it, folks — my favorite museum pieces from the Larco and National Archaeology Museum. If you’re ever in Lima and history/archaeology make your heart skip a beat don’t miss out on these two collections!

P.S. While you’re reading this I’ll be relaxing on a lovely beach in the Northern Peru because its Semana Santa and that means the whole country is on vacation!

If you’re a history buff like me and want to read more Throwback Thursday posts, click here.


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