Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

So last week I hit you guys with a quick look into Peruvian currency and what the cost of living is here in Bagua and with Harriet Tubman being on the new $20 bill being the talk of the town, it made me think, “Wait? I don’t even know who is on Peruvian currency.” And vergüenza be upon me for that because I look at the faces on these bills every day and never thought  twice about who they were until now. But have no fear, ya’ll, this post is here to cure my currency ignorance. So who is on the money? Let’s see:

Denomination: S/10


Image on Front: Jose Quiñones Gonzales

Our man Jose was an aviator in the Peruvian military who sacrificed his life when he deliberately crashed into an Ecuadorian battery during the Ecuadorian-Peruvian war in 1941.

Image on Back: Machu Picchu

Not sure how much explanation is needed for Machu Picchu but in case you’ve been living under a rock, Machu Picchu is the “lost city” of the Incas. It is Peru’s most famed archaeological site and emblematic of the majesty and mystery of Peru’s ancient past. 

Denomination: S/20


Image on Front: Raúl Porras Barrenechea

Our good friend Raul was a diplomat and politician during the the early 20th century. He was once a senator representing Lima and later on he became foreign minister under president Manuel Prado Ugarteche.

Image on Back: Huaca de Dragón

Huaca de Dragón is an archaeological site in Northern Peru in the city of Trujillo. Unfortunately, someone at the treasury couldn’t get their act together and incorrectly identified the Huaca de Dragón as Chan Chan, another archaeological site near Trujillo  and so their mistake is forever on display for anyone using the the S/20 bill. 

Denomination: S/5050-nuevo-sol-peru-banknote

Image on Front: Abraham Valdelmar

Abe was  a Peruvian journalist and poet in the early 20th century. Sorry, don’t have much else for Abe. 

Image on Back:  The New Temple of Chavin de Huatar

This is another one of Peru’s famous archaeological sites located in the Ancash region in Peru. Like many of these sites in Peru, it is a designated UNESCO world heritage site and some artifacts have been carbon dated to 500 BC.



Image on Front: Jorge Basadre

Jorge, or George as we like to say in the English speaking world, was a Peruvian historian particularly known for being Minister of Education and director of the Peruvian National Library.  

Image on Back:  Great Pajatén

Surprise! Yet another archeological site on the back of a Peruvian bill. This time, the site is in La Libertad, a costal department that has both beaches and mountains.  And double surprise, this is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Denomination: S/200


I like to call this the “elusive”  S/200 bill – haven’t seen one yet but apparently these mythical pieces of paper exist. 

Image on Front: Saint Rose of Lima

Rose was born in  Lima in 1586 and became the first person from the Americas to become a saint. She is co patroness of the Phillippines and is primary patroness saint of Peru. I actually visited her convent and tomb during my first visit to Lima – definitely a must see. 

Image on Back: Sacred City of Caral-Supe

Caral is the most ancient city ever found in the Americas, belonging to the Norte Chico civilization. It is located about 125 miles north of Lima.  The site was founded in 2600 BC and believed to be abandoned in 2000 BC.

And so there you have it friends – If you ever come visit me here at least you’ll know what kind of people are gonna be hanging out in your wallet.

Until next time!


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