5 Reasons To Visit Peru’s Northern Coast

Every year during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter), volunteers are allowed a few days off from the daily volunteer grind. This usually results in a mass exodus of volunteers from their sites to different parts of the country. Some volunteers head to locations where there are traditional and cultural activities going on as Holy Week is a big deal here and others, like myself, head off to one of Peru’s many tourist attractions. My friends and I chose Playa Zorritos, a beach in a part of Peru called Tumbes – a tiny region that borders Ecuador. And for those of you who immediately think of the Andes when thinking of Peru, here are a few reasons why you should also consider it a great place to hit up the surf and sand.

1. Unbelievable Sunsets

Every night on Playa Zorritos, the sun would turn into a perfect sphere of bright orange and pink to say goodnight to the world. Nothing more special than watching sublime sunsets every night.

2. Phosphorescent Algae

Seriously, who doesn’t love bioluminescence?! At night when you got in the water ,thousands of algae would light up if you made any kind of motion. It was if there were little blue sparks following you every where you went. I didn’t manage to get a picture (afraid I would lose my phone) but here’s a picture of the beautiful Pacific during the day instead.

3. Relaxation

Listless days on the sand and listening to the waves are what vacation dreams are made out of! The beach hammocks of Northern Peru are waiting for you and your book to hang with them all day – don’t forget to let the waves wash away all your stress either.

4. Fresh Seasfood

I don’t live on the coast so rarely do I get the benefit of having fresh seafood at my fingertips. But Peru’s coastal cities are known for their amazing seafood – while you’re here, don’t forget to try Peru’s classic seafood dish, ceviche!

5. Get Lucky

And if you’re really lucky maybe – just maybe – you’ll be on the beach and you’ll spot another person of African descent. And of course because seeing another person who looks like you is like picking a 4 leaf clover, it would definitely warrant capturing the moment through a sneaky, creepy selfie of just you two. 

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