Raymi Llaqta: Festival of The Pueblos

Every June, my region of Amazonas hosts a cultural festival called Raymi Llaqta de los Chachapoyas which basically means “Festival of the Towns.” Each year the different and very diverse communities of Amazonas descend upon Chachapoyas, my sleepy mountain town of a regional capital, in a display of their traditional dress, food, and other cultural elements. Of course I couldn’t miss it, so I sat out in the blazing sun for a few hours just to see the main parade in the plaza. And you know the deal – sharing is caring so here are some of the best pics!

Awajun and Wampani (both indigenous cultures from the Amazonas region jungle dancing)
Little girls from the sierra (mountain) region of Amazonas
One of my favorites, the Peruvian Paso (step) Horse and a woman dancing a traditional Peruvian danced called Marinera
The cutest miniature Marinera dancers
“Okay, ladies, now lets get in formation.”
Awajun men dancing
These girls from a sierra town dancing and showing off wool they produce in their town
A fellow volunteer even participated in her town’s portion of the parade!
Dancers from the Utcubamba province
Ladies dancing and carrying traditional foods from their town

Although they try to market Raymi Llaqta as a tourism festival, the overwhelming majority of the people there were people from Amazonas. It seemed more like a display of pride among themselves than a show for tourists. Needless to say I felt pretty lucky because not a lot of travelers get to make it up there. And now that you’ve seen these pictures, consider yourself lucky too!


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