Peace Corps Timeline

As it is customary for Peace Corps Applicants to do a PC Application timeline, I decided I would join the masses and do one myself. My Peace Corps Timeline is rather long so here we go:

July 2013: I filled out my first (Yes, first) Peace Corps Application while I was living and working in Rhode Island.

Aug. 2013: I was contacted by the PC regarding my application process —  All it said was welcome to the process. Whatever.

Oct. 2013: I was contacted by a PC recruiter saying they were ready to schedule me for an interview. Now by this time, I do not give two shits about the PC. My interest in life abroad has gone at this point but I schedule the interview anyway. Great.

At this point, I’m so uninterested in PC that I skip out on the Skype interview. The recruiter emails me and asks if there was technical difficulties, I lie and say yes, and we schedule an in person interview.

Nov. 2013:  I had my first PC interview and it completely renewed my interest. I came out of the interview energized, hopeful and ready to live abroad again.

Nov. 2013: I was nominated for Health Extension program leaving in September 2014

Jan. 2014:  I was legally cleared

From January to May I sat and waited and dealt with what PC Applicants call Restless Application Syndrome. I was constantly checking my email, reading other PC blogs, and checking the application portal. I read books on Peru, books on PC. I was completely obsessed

In the meantime though my Program Manager was getting on me about coming back to complete another year of City Year as a Project Leader.  So I applied, interviewed, got the job and guess what? I took the job.

 May 2014:  After procrastinating, I contact PC and tell them to cancel my application. I was kind of sad but but PC can wait and I decided that it would be best for me to invest another year in City Year before I ship off to another end of the world.

June 2014: After giving myself a mourning period, I applied again.

Aug. 2014: I had my second interview — It went awesome nothing to really else to say.

Aug. 2014: Nominated for a program in Youth Development with an August 2015 departure date.

Nov. 2014: Hadn’t heard anything from placement so I contacted recruitment to see what country I was under consideration for and they told me Peru! Annnddd the wait continues.

Jan. 2015: After a very long and frustrating week at work, I open my email on Friday (prepared to delete whatever junk mail is in my inbox) and to my surprise I have an email from the Placement Office! It asked me to update my resume with very specific information and to fill out a Youth Development Skills Questionnaire. It took me about two and a half hours to complete the questions and my resume but I uploaded them that day. I then emailed the PO letting her know that the documents were available — The wait continues.

Feb. 2015: INVITATION! I actually was in visiting in Istanbul for the first time since I left. It was half past midnight there and I got email saying I have been invited to serve as a Community Services – Youth Development Volunteer in Peru! I’m so happy I was able to get my dream placement. Peru is supposedly one of the most competitive countries to apply to be considered for. I know they generally take about 15-20 volunteers for Youth Development and close to 445 people applied so I am so thankful that I have been given this opportunity!  I am a little nervous but I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

April 2015: Medically Cleared

July 2015: Staging Instructions/Bridge to PST Email Received


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  1. I’ve just been placed under consideration for placement in Peru so I’m preparing for the long wait until I hear more. How was the interview process and were you places under consideration for multiple sites or just one?

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    1. bdwhite says:

      Hi Chelsey! I actually applied under the old application system and so I was never under consideration for a country but for a program (youth development). I honestly cant remember much about the interview because I did it in August 2014 but I do know that it was a lot of scenario questions


  2. Emily Redfield says:

    I loved reading about your experience and learning about you. I am on the consideration list for Peru and am anxious to learn more about the country while I wait. Can you recommend any documentaries to watch?


    1. bdwhite says:

      Hi! And congrats on being put under consideration and good luck moving forward. Documentaries…. hmmm. There weren’t many documentaries that I watched about Peru. Recently though, one came out on Netflix. Its called When Two Worlds Collide. Thats about a conflict that happened in/near my site. If your Spanish is decent you might want to check out Paloma de Papel (Paper Dove) – its not a documentary but its a great movie about how the terrorist group Sandero Luminoso deeply affected the sierra of Peru during the late 80s/90s. Its on YouTube (


  3. Emily Redfield says:

    Awesome thanks! I will check those out! I hope you are enjoying your time over there 🙂

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    1. bdwhite says:

      Thanks I definitely am! 8 more months to go 🤗


      1. Emily Redfield says:

        Hi again!
        I’m curious about the work you are doing and I have a few more questions for you. Can I email you?


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